Events Catering

The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham also offers catering for events on a Pay As You Feel basis!

Obviously, because of the nature of waste food, we cannot commit to menus far ahead of schedule as we have no way of knowing what will be available.

Sample PlateHowever, if you can be flexible in your requirements we can work within a rough guide – e.g. finger food, cold buffet, curry etc. Our talented cooks will work within your parameters to put together something nutritious and delicious to feed your guests!

We do have some restrictions. As we are volunteer-led, we will only commit to:

  • Events catering for fewer than 50 people
  • A maximum of 2 events per week

(there may be room for exceptions where we are providing food only with no catering or volunteer support, but this would need to be agreed on a case-by-case basis)

If you would like to #feedbelliesnot bins at your next event, requests can be made on this form: