Freegan Buddies

What is a Freegan Buddy?

Freegan Buddies are lovely people who collect their own Freegan Box and who go one step further, by taking one or two extra boxes for delivery on their way home.

We try to match buddies with a delivery address as close to their doorstep as possible, or failing that, a house that they’d be passing on their route home.

Most buddies are surprised at how local their buddy drop-off is!

Why do you need Freegan Buddies?

For us, Freegan Buddies are the most efficient and ecologically friendly way to distribute our Freegan Boxes – we’re making use of a journey that would be happening anyway!

It also helps ease the demand on our lovely volunteer delivery drivers. For each five Freegan Buddies taking two extra boxes home with them, we need one fewer volunteer driver each week, with the equivalent savings in fuel and CO2 emmissions.

How do I become a Freegan Buddy?

If you collect a box from either Ladywood Health and Community Centre or Kings Heath Comunity Centre, and could commit to regularly taking home one or two extra boxes, we’d love to hear from you; please email

If you drive, we’ll need to see your licence and insurance documents.

There’s a full How To sheet that should answer all your questions about delivering, which we will send out to you if we’ve identified a delivery near you; so you can see what you’re getting into before you accept!

What if I can’t deliver one week because I’m on holiday or sick?

If you know you’re not going to be able to deliver, that’s no problem, just let us know by emailing as far in advance as possible and we’ll arrange an alternative method for delivery.

If something crops up on the day, don’t worry, these things happen! Just let us know and we will contact the recipients to explain and apologise that they won’t get their box today.

Do you pay mileage expenses for Freegan Buddies?

No, sorry; the whole idea behind the buddy system is that we’re making use of a journey that would be happening anyway, and the drop-off should not be far out of your way.

If I’m a Freegan Buddy, do I still need to pay for my own box?

That’s entirely up to you – it’s called Pay As You Feel, after all! If you feel the time given being a buddy equates to some or all of the value of your box, then we’re happy for that to be your contribution. Please sign up on the volunteer database here so box distributors will know that you might #PAYF for your box.

I’ve volunteered to be a Freegan Buddy, but I’ve not heard anything since?

Thanks for signing up as a buddy, we really appreciate it! Don’t worry, this probably means that no suitable deliveries have been identified near your home yet. Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch if the situation changes!