What is a Freegan Box?

It’s a simple concept – every week over 4,500 tonnes of food is wasted in Birmingham! That’s about 37% of all the food in the city. We feel that’s wrong and we hope you agree. The worst part is that most of this food isn’t rotten, spoilt, inedible, or even past its sell by date!

TRJFP Boxes Feb17Every Friday, we take some of the 6 tonnes of food we intercept each week and pack it into boxes. We then take these to collection points around the city (currently Kings Heath and Ladywood).

A lot of the food we intercept is fresh fruit and vegetables, so you’ll usually find some in the box. Bread, as the most commonly wasted food item in the UK, is another regular feature, but we’ve packed everything, from Avocados to Coke Zero and everything in between! There’s no knowing what might turnip in any given week, ha ha!

Freegan isn’t FREE!

Like ALL the food that TRJFP provides, Freegan Boxes are Pay-As-You-Feel.

That means you contribute however you can to the success of our project: donating your time, skills, money or something even more imaginative! How you choose to contribute is entirely up to you. Find out more about ways you can use your time and skills to help the project here or you can donate cash online for your Freegan box using a PayPal account by clicking here.

Freegan refers to Freeganism – the ancient and venerable practice of diving in bins to determine how much food is going to waste (trust us it’s a lot) and rescuing some of it. We don’t get our food from supermarket bins, as we’ve built relationships with suppliers who are kind enough to donaste it during daylight hours, but the principles of our project remain the same – to allow as many people as possible to join our protest against the criminal levels of waste built into our food system by utilising some of the food that would otherwise be wasted.

How do I get one?

Sign Up ButtonJust fill in your details here, and wait for us to get in contact.

Collections are Fridays only, between 2pm and 6pm (Ladywood) and 4pm and 6pm (Kings Heath).

Please be aware that due to high demand we are now operating a waiting list at Kings Heath.

You will receive an email from us confirming when you can collect your first box.

Are you a business looking to donate your waste food?

If you’re a business and you think you could help us by donating your edible waste food, please contact us here.