Guest Post From The Clean Kilo!

Hi everyone!

Tom Pell - The Clean Kilo
Tom Pell – The Clean Kilo

In a change to your usual advertised programming, here is a guest post from Tom Pell of The Clean Kilo! This is an organisation we believe has similar aims to our own, and Tom would like to ask for your support.

There’s just one day left if you’d like to contribute to their Crowdfunder; it finishes on the 17th January! Click here:

The Clean Kilo will be a revolutionary way of shopping in Birmingham; providing customers with the option to cut down the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill and the environment. This is an issue that has become ubiquitous in recent times with the showing of BBC’s Blue Planet II and the plethora of news articles around the globe as the plastic pollution has been recognised as a ‘planetary emergency’ by the UN.


The 4 Simple Clean Kilo Steps - Weigh, Fill, Scan & Reweigh, Pay
These are the four simple steps customers take to buy products from the shop. They can bring any container, as long as it’s clean and can fit on the scales.

The zero waste supermarket, opening this spring, will sell a wide range of products without any of the unnecessary packaging. Customers will dispense products into containers they bring with them, use the containers sold in-store or use the free paper bags provided. Containers will be weighed before filling, then scanned & reweighed and then only the contents are paid for. Plastic is having a devastating detrimental effect on our oceans and marine wildlife as they take up to 1000 years to decompose, we must all act now before the irreversible damage goes too far.

We currently have a live crowdfunding campaign which will help pay for some of the more expensive equipment like the scales, till and dispensers. The campaign reached the target of £14,706 seven days before the deadline, so thank you to everyone reading this who pledged, however small or big that was. However, with a few days left we are still looking to push past the target in order help pay for the fees associated with this type of fundraising system, including platform costs, tax and the cost of the perks which can be claimed through different levels of donation. If you would like to be part of the solution to the devastating effects of ocean plastic, then head to to contribute to the campaign; there is still time for you to get involved! We are also offering sponsorship opportunities in return for higher investments (£300 or more) which will get a company’s or individual’s name known for helping to make plastic-free shopping happen in Birmingham.

Artist's Impression of shop interior
An artist’s impression of the shop in which you can see gravity dispensers for dry food products (middle left), stainless steel drums for liquids (back left), spice & herb jars (back right), fruit and vegetables (middle front) and at the back of the shop are self-service machinery for making freshly ground peanut butter, coffee and squeezed orange juice!

The supermarket, which will be located in Digbeth, Birmingham, will sell a variety of food, drinks, cleaning products and toiletries. Being able to buy the exact quantities desired also means that food budgets can be stretched further; allowing those who struggle to put food on the table every night to buy single portion amounts allowing them to afford all the ingredients for one meal. On average, a staggering 20% of your food bill goes towards packaging, that’s hundreds of pounds a year that could be saved, and tonnes of waste that could have been diverted from landfill.

We are big advocates for helping out with other like-minded enterprises, such as The Real Junk Food Project, who take surplus food and put it to good use. We will do everything possible to stop food waste in our shop. A lot of the products will have very long shelf lives, so that shouldn’t be an issue anyway. However, anything that does get close to its best before date will be given away to make sure we #feedbelliesnotbins!

The introduction of a 5p tax on plastic carrier bags at the supermarkets has had a tremendous effect on cutting plastic bag use so far; in fact 90% of shoppers now bring their own reusable bags to the supermarket. This shows that even tiny financial incentives can have a profound effect on consumer’s habits. The recent announcement that the government will introduce a tax on single-use plastics could then see many more people bringing their own containers, as well as carrier bags, to shops like The Clean Kilo for refills. We hope to introduce a click-and-collect and container deposit scheme to help those customers with less time; you would be able to order online, drop off containers to be filled and pick them up later on.

If you’d like to support the Clean Kilo, you can contribute to their Crowdfunder on Indiegogo or find out more about the project can be found on their website and social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Sharehouse Extra Saturday and Catering Supplies!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I’ve got not one, but two exciting things to tell you this week:

Firstly, as a one-off, we will be opening the Sharehouse in Winson Green on Saturday 6th January 10am-1pm click here for address, map etc.

If you normally work and can’t get to the Sharehouse in the week – now’s your chance!

Sharehouse Open
Secondly, we’ve been offered a large number of catering quantity (10kg buckets/bags) of crème fraiche, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, soft cheese, and yoghurt. These are all short-date (between 8th Jan and 9th Feb).

We don’t have the fridge space to store these, so at this stage we’re just looking at expressions of interest for anyone who thinks they might be able to use them – if we do manage to get them, you’d need to pick them up the same day they’re delivered to us (and we don’t know what date that will be, but likely next week). We also know that they’re being offered elsewhere, so there are no guarantees, but if you’re interested, please complete the form below so we can get in touch with you if we’re successful.

Winter Lunchtime Weds and Fri Pop-Up Cafés

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been able to find a venue and volunteers to run some Pop-Up lunchtime cafés over the winter break while we’re locked out of our usual venues!

So, if you fancy some festive fun and #feedbelliesnotbins fayre, here’s where you need to come:

Memorial Hall (next to Christ Church Summerfield)
Summerfield Crescent
B16 0EN

On Wednesday 27th December and 3rd January 12-2 (volunteers 10-3) and
Friday 29th December and 5th January also 12-2 (volunteers 10-3)

We look forward to seeing you there!

Memorial Hall, Summerfield Crescent
Memorial Hall, Summerfield Crescent

Map Memorial Hall


Winter Closures

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Especially with all the snow around. Hope you’re all warm and snuggly.

We need to let you know of upcoming closures over the festive season:

Both Kings Heath and Ladywood Community Centres will be closed for Christmas between 22nd December and 8th January, so no cafés or boutiques at Ladywood or Kings Heath over this period.

Because the centre will be closing early on 22nd December, this also means no Freegan Boxes on the 22nd December, 29th December or the 5th January.

Hodge Hill will serve its last meal of the year on 21st December, and will then be closed until 4th January.

Depending on volunteer and venue availability (and the weather!) we’re hoping to potentially run pop-up lunch cafés on 24th, 27th, 28th, 29th December and 3rd, 4th, 5th January in another venue in Ladywood, but please watch this space for more information about these.

<< The Events pane over here on the left shows the next 10 events we’re runnning, so you can always check here for up to date information.

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough in England or Wales, you can use StreetLink website or app to send an alert to outreach services which can help

Stay warm!

Warming Feet By Fire

Sandwich Bonanza!!!

Do you love sandwiches? We hope so!


As of 4.30pm Saturday 2nd December, they sandwiches are all gone!

Fantastic work everyone!


Do you have an event coming up between now and Sunday? Perhaps a party, or a Christmas Fayre, or a sporting fixture, or a meeting, or a church group, or a coffee morning?

Does your office/factory/depot work over the weekend?

Basically, would you like any sandwiches? We have lots we need to find homes and bellies for by Sunday!


Sandwiches Galore!
Emma from the Wildlife Trust with some of the pallets of sandwiches we’ve had donated!

A large distributor has gone into receivership, meaning that there were thousands and thousands of packs of sandwiches destined for landfill, all dated 3rd December. They need to be kept chilled, but they can’t be frozen.

We’ve had over a tonne of sandwiches delivered to our Sharehouse in Winson Green – if you can get along there to pick them up, you can have as many as you can carry!

Impressive selection of sandwiches
Just some of the impressive selection of sandwiches on offer

We’re also distributing them from our café in Ladywood today (Friday).

Normally we ask for a Pay As You Feel donation for everything we provide (we do need to cover our costs) but if you can’t make a donation on this occasion, that’s fine too – we just really want to save these sandwiches from going to composting or landfill!!

So, whether you can use 10 packs, or 100 packs, or 1000 packs, please do get in touch ASAP.


Kings Heath Café to support Refugee Community Kitchen

In the festive season, we thought we’d like to support and spread the word about another fantastic project that is close to our hearts, so all donations at the Kings Heath Café on the 4th December will be sent to the Refugee Community Kitchen to support the fabulous work they do.

Refugee Community Kitchen

Refugee Community Kitchen
Some RCK volunterrs with Lord Alf Dubs, who knows a thing or two about being a child refugee

Love Brum vote for TRJFP Birmingham is OPEN!!!

Do you love The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham?

Well, we’ve got a new way you can show it!

Vote for us to receive funding from LoveBrum!

Love Brum Vote
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