Covid-19 Activities

So all over the region – groups like ourselves and TAWS (The Active Wellbeing Society), covid-19 support, and BVSC are working together to collect and distribute food so that people in need, and people who can’t leave their homes to get food, can eat.

Keep watching our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the most up to date information of what we’re doing and where we’ll be.

If you work for a business who has food to donate, or food containers you can donate, please get in touch with the details via or by texting 0781 572 320 (text messages only).

If you are self-isolating and require food delivery or any form of support visit

Here is Olga from TAWS explaining what we’ve been up to:

Share to raise awareness #BrumTogether #FeedBelliesNotBins

A heart shap showing plates of food on a checked tablecloth

Volunteers! URGENT INFO – Please Read!

Hello lovely volunteers!

We need your help. But not in the way you might think…

Yes, we’re really busy right now. But we need you to stay home and self-isolate unless we ask you to come in.

To give the NHS a fighting chance of coping, it’s really important that covid-19 is contained as much as possible. To achieve this we need to physically distance ourselves from others.

So, please:

  • If you have any symptoms (sore throat, cough, temperature, headache) STAY HOME FOR AT LEAST 7 DAYS
  • If you’re in a house with anyone with symptoms STAY HOME FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS from they day they first showed symptoms
  • Do not come to any TRJFP site to volunteer unless you have contacted a lead person (Dibah & Vicky at Kings Heath, Ann at Ladywood/Sharehouse) and they have said you are needed
  • Keep vigilantly washing your hands and STAY AT HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE

We appreciate that volunteering is a really important social part of people’s lives. We also know that you guys just want to help in any way you can. We wouldn’t be asking you to STAY AT HOME unless we thought it was absolutely necessary. But it is. People’s lives will depend upon it.

If you are able to volunteer your time elsewhere, you could look on Facebook for Covid-19 groups, we know BVSC and Foodcycle are looking for assistance in Northfield, as will other local organisations – try to find out what is happening on your doorstep. As the situation evolves, we will contact you to ask for your help when we need you.

Thanks for your understanding and for your commitment to TRJFPBrum.

Stay safe and keep well.

Kind Regards

The TRJFP Team

Coronavirus: all cafés closed until further notice

If you’ve been watching the news (who hasn’t?!) then you will know that all our cafés are now closed until further notice.

We will still be distributing food waste as and when we’re given it, mainly from our Sharehouse in Winson Green, but potentially from other locations; keep watching Facebook and Twitter for updates of what we are doing, and where we will be.

Our project is and remains for everyone, all are welcome to shop on a PayAsYouFeel basis, though please do keep following the advice on social distancing, keep washing your hands, and stay home if you have any symptoms of coronavirus.

We are working closely with a group of agencies to help distribute food across the city to where it is needed, and given the latest government announcement, we’re anticipating that many pubs, restaurants and cafés will have food to donate. If you know of food that is potentially going to waste, please do let us know by emailing – we have the space and the network to ensure it will #FeedBelliesNotBins.

Much like everyone else, we don’t know what comes next.

We do know that our volunteers will be working hard, wherever we’re needed. We urge you all to pull together, follow the NHS advice, look after yourselves and your neighbours, and be kind to each other. We wish you all the very best.

Heart shape enclosing a person wearing a TRJFP Brum t-shirt serving food

Freegan Boxes cancelled, Cafés and Sharehouses still open!

Our volunteers have been really busy over the last few days.

We’ve been working hard. A group of organisations has come together in to co-ordinate the collection and distribution of food to those who need it, now or in the future, due to the social and financial effects of the covid-19 pandemic.

We have been rescuing food from cancelled events, and drawing on our local partnerships to ensure that as little is wasted as possible and as much as possible goes to benefit those in our community who need it.

We know many people rely on the food we provide from our cafés, boutiques and sharehouses, and more may need to do so in the coming days and weeks, so we want to keep this up for as long as we can.

But we have also been carefully watching the news and announcements from the government, and in light of the announcement that we should stop non-essential contact with others, we have decided to make some changes.

  • We will continue to distribute food via as many of our cafés and sharehouses as possible, with extra openings when needed. Please don’t attend if you have symptoms of covid-19, but follow NHS advice to self-isolate.
  • If you are symptom-free, but self isolating for your own safety as you are in a vulnerable group, you are welcome to bring your own resealable container to our cafés and we will fill it for you to take away and eat at home.
  • There will be no more Freegan Boxes until further notice. We will contact everyone on the list to let them know – please make sure our emails aren’t going into your spam folder!

For the most up-to-date information of openings/closures, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

More info

TRJFP Brum has the facilities to sort and distribute 10 tonnes waste a week safely. We are working with food banks, The Active Well Being Society, schools, the Warehouse Café and other groups. We have storage facilities in Kings Heath and Winson Green and are making plans on opening other sites.

So if you work in the food industry and know that food within its use by date (or close to its best before date) is at risk of being binned, please get in touch.

Possible sources of food if you are in need

(vouchers may be needed)

Other sources of info/help

Make contact with neighbours to help and be helped.

Keep calm and wash your hands!

A heart shape showing a cafe table

Advice for our volunteers and customers re: Coronavirus

It cannot have escaped your attention that the UK along with the rest of the world is currently caught up in a global pandemic, caused by a new form of coronavirus known as COVID-19.

We would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that for the time being all our venues are open as usual, but that we will, of course, follow government guidance when or if it changes.

We would like to ask all our customers and volunteers to please follow Public Health England’s latest advice, which is to:

Stay home & self-isolate for 7 days if you have a temperature or cough and to
Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds often.

In case you’re wondering how long 20 seconds is… here’s Gloria Gaynor with a helpful video:

With Love From TRJFP Brum

Happy Valentines Day from all the volunteers at TRJFP Brum!

Heart showing a sample Pay As You Feel menu on a blackboard

2019 was another super year for the project.

Thank you for your support, however large or small, we couldn’t do this without people like you!

If you’d like to hear more about what our wonderful volunteers got up to last year – read on!

Heart showing the slogan on the wall of the Sharehouse

Last year we increased the volume of food rescued by 46%.

We collected from 75 different suppliers on 825 occasions.

We received a total of 503,192 kilos of donated goods, which works out at around 9.5 tonnes every week.

Heart showing people eating at a Pay As You Feel cafe

With all these amazing donations, we served 9558 meals at 318 events, at 50 different locations, cooked with 8079 kitchen volunteer hours.

We were runners up in the Observer Best Ethical Food Project category for the second year running.

Heart showing a healthy, colourful meal being cooked

Our wonderful volunteers fed, entertained, exercised, and educated 49 children from 22 families over the summer through the Happy Healthy Holidays scheme.

We catered two Junk Food Weddings, supported Bearwood and Kings Heath Action For Refugees, The Big Feed and a number of other charitable and worthy causes across the region.

Heart showing a volunteer riding a cargo trike

We got two new cargo trikes to transport and deliver food with zero emissions. Our volunteers have already pedalled them 300 miles, saving approximately 70kg in carbon emissions!

Our van racked up 12,500 miles (there are some journeys and loads a cargo bike can’t manage!)

Heart showing a volunteer at a boutique stall

We distributed 2438 Freegan Boxes!

Any food we couldn’t use because it was unfit for human consumption, not stored properly before donating, or in open/damaged packaging was taken to animal sanctuaries or composted.

Heart showing a blackboard advertising Root Veg and Nettle Soup

We welcomed volunteers from the Environment Agency, M&S, Sainsbury’s and The Heart of Birmingham Vocational College.

Several of our volunteers moved into paid jobs – well done to them!

And we upgraded Bob’s blender, so he can more easily make the soup he loves to cook for people.

If you want to download a copy of our ‘Digest’ listing some of last year’s achievements, you can do so here:

Thanks for being involved, and here’s to a productive 2020 Feeding Bellies Not Bins!

Sharehouse Extra Openings Before Christmas 2019!

Have you wanted to visit the TRJFP Birmingham Sharehouse, but have never been able to come on a Thursday?

Well, this might be your perfect opportunity!

The Sharehouse will be running extra opening for Pay As You Feel shopping before Christmas:

Monday 23 Dec 12 -2 pm and
Tuesday 24 Dec 12 – 2 pm

Click here to find it on Google Maps:

  • If you’re driving, please park on the access road where there is plenty of space and walk through the trading estate to the Sharehouse (and request taxis drop-off/pick-up there too). We need access for deliveries, as do our neighbours – there is no room for customer/volunteer cars. We have trolleys and can help you to take your shopping to your vehicle if needed – please just ask.
  • Food is for personal use only – you cannot shop for friends/family, or to sell on. By all means tell your friends/family to come down and shop with us too, though!
  • Only take what you need and leave what you don’t – we may ask you to put some things back if you take too much of a single item – it’s only fair to leave enough for others.
  • Any questions, just ask our lovely volunteers.
Picture of Santa delivering boxes