Winson Green – Sharehouse

Address: Unit 58, Western Business Park
Great Western Close
B18 4QF

What We Do Here

Pay As You Feel Boutique


  • 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Sharehouse Etiquette:

We welcome everyone that wants to come and shop with us.
All we ask is that you please:

  • Respect our volunteers and each other
  • Please sign in with your name and postcode
  • Please take a number and wait your turn at busy times
  • Food is for personal use only – you cannot shop for friends/family, or to sell on, by all means send your friends/family down to come shop with us too!
  • Only take what you need and leave what you don’t – we may ask you to put some things back if you take too much of a single item – it’s only fair to leave enough for others
  • Pay As You Feel (#PAYF) giving back time, money, or skills for what you feel the food is worth – please remember that in a supermarket your full basket would easily be worth £30 – we are not a charity or a food bank and we DO need to cover the Sharehouse’s costs (rent, utilities, petrol, insurance etc. etc.) or we’ll be unable to continue to provide the service – we  suggest a donation between £6-10 per basket is appropriate
  • 1 basket max per day
  • Any questions, just ask
Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham
Ezra sorting products onto shelves while Madz serves a customer

Sharehouse Rules

Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham
Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham