The EU Food Challenge- Let’s food together!

I love food. A lot. I’ll be honest, it’s was my intial reason for getting involved with the Real Junk Food Project, I hate to see it thrown away, because I want to EAT it! Another great love of mine is travel. I’m lucky enough to have visited some beautiful places around the world, met some wonderful people, and obviously most importantly, eaten some marvellous food!

As Brexit started to sink in last week and the horrible backlash against foreigners living in the U.K began I realised that in some way, however piecemeal, the Real Junk Food Project should react to all this, and that our cafes should embrace europeans and european food as a gesture of unity.

So I’m very pleased to say, 2 weeks in, the Real Junk Food Project Brum EU challenge has been a bloody tasty experiment!

The wednesday before last saw Irene Raccanelli(our TRJFP ‘foreign exchange’ person from Turin) make some mouthwatering Stuffed Peppers for lunch, and last week saw our man Ned cooked a mean Saucy Hungarian Chicken dish, all using nothing but TRJFP waste food.

neds hungarian

And so, I beseech you all, stay tuned for the imminent release of our EU challenge recipes, and come in to our Ladywood Community Centre cafe on a wednesday to see which country we’ll be visiting next. There are 26 more weeks of deliciousness to go and we’ll culminate in some bangin’ British food(assuming we haven’t left the EU by then!!). Check out Facebook for news of the next one. If I haven’t eaten it all already, that is.

Happy Summer everyone!


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