Sandwich Bonanza!!!

Sandwich Selection

Do you love sandwiches? We hope so!


As of 4.30pm Saturday 2nd December, they sandwiches are all gone!

Fantastic work everyone!


Do you have an event coming up between now and Sunday? Perhaps a party, or a Christmas Fayre, or a sporting fixture, or a meeting, or a church group, or a coffee morning?

Does your office/factory/depot work over the weekend?

Basically, would you like any sandwiches? We have lots we need to find homes and bellies for by Sunday!


Sandwiches Galore!
Emma from the Wildlife Trust with some of the pallets of sandwiches we’ve had donated!

A large distributor has gone into receivership, meaning that there were thousands and thousands of packs of sandwiches destined for landfill, all dated 3rd December. They need to be kept chilled, but they can’t be frozen.

We’ve had over a tonne of sandwiches delivered to our Sharehouse in Winson Green – if you can get along there to pick them up, you can have as many as you can carry!

Impressive selection of sandwiches
Just some of the impressive selection of sandwiches on offer

We’re also distributing them from our café in Ladywood today (Friday).

Normally we ask for a Pay As You Feel donation for everything we provide (we do need to cover our costs) but if you can’t make a donation on this occasion, that’s fine too – we just really want to save these sandwiches from going to composting or landfill!!

So, whether you can use 10 packs, or 100 packs, or 1000 packs, please do get in touch ASAP.



2 thoughts on “Sandwich Bonanza!!!

  1. Hi

    You could also try the charity ‘socks & chocs’, I’m sure they would also appreciate the sandwiches. Just a thought.



    1. Hi, thanks for the suggestion, if you could pass on the information to that organisation so they can contact us I’m sure they’d be very grateful – our wonderful volunteers are a bit up to our eyes already to be trying to contact people as well!


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