Coronavirus: all cafés closed until further notice

If you’ve been watching the news (who hasn’t?!) then you will know that all our cafés are now closed until further notice.

We will still be distributing food waste as and when we’re given it, mainly from our Sharehouse in Winson Green, but potentially from other locations; keep watching Facebook and Twitter for updates of what we are doing, and where we will be.

Our project is and remains for everyone, all are welcome to shop on a PayAsYouFeel basis, though please do keep following the advice on social distancing, keep washing your hands, and stay home if you have any symptoms of coronavirus.

We are working closely with a group of agencies to help distribute food across the city to where it is needed, and given the latest government announcement, we’re anticipating that many pubs, restaurants and cafés will have food to donate. If you know of food that is potentially going to waste, please do let us know by emailing – we have the space and the network to ensure it will #FeedBelliesNotBins.

Much like everyone else, we don’t know what comes next.

We do know that our volunteers will be working hard, wherever we’re needed. We urge you all to pull together, follow the NHS advice, look after yourselves and your neighbours, and be kind to each other. We wish you all the very best.

Heart shape enclosing a person wearing a TRJFP Brum t-shirt serving food

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