Working With Waitrose At Hobs Moat

The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham would like to say a huge THANK YOU to

in Solihull for partnering with us and supporting our Hobs Moat Community Café and Food Boutique, which we launched in May.

Hobs Moat Boutique
Hobs Moat Boutique

Our dedicated volunteers collect items that Waitrose can no longer sell, and deliver them to our Hobs Moat community café. Anything that can’t be used by the kitchen goes to the boutique for
customers to take home, or to our Sharehouse in Winson Green. In this way nothing is wasted as TRJFPBrum’s motto is #feedbelliesnotbins!

Anyone is welcome to eat or shop with us, we just ask for a donation of cash, time, or skills on a Pay-As-You-Feel (PAYF) basis. This makes for a fantastic welcoming environment, breaking down barriers for all members of the Hobs Moat community to attend and get involved.

The Hobs Moat Café and Food Boutique run weekly every Thursday 12pm-2pm at St Mary’s church hall. You can download and print off posters and fliers here:

Hobs Moat Poster

Hobs Moat Flier

For more details about this, or the many other venues run each week by The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham, please check out the venues page on our website

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Make it snappy if you’d like some nappy pants!

Nappy Pants donation

Do you know any families who use nappy pants/pull-ups?

If so, they might be interested to hear that we’ve had a large donation of size 4 and size 5 Pampers Premium Active Fit Nappy Pants at our Sharehouse in Winson Green.

We’ve already passed lots on to local charities, women’s shelters and hospitals, but we have plenty left for the general public (this pic is just a small selection of the massive donation we’ve had!), so please feel free to forward this information onto anyone this could help.

They are sample packs of two per pack. We only have size 4 (8-14kg) and size 5 (11-18kg) available, and we don’t anticipate getting any other sizes, so this is quite specific, but these are pretty pricey in the shops, usually on offer they still work out at 12p+ per nappy. We’re asking for donations of £1 per 7 sample packs (14 nappies), with no restrictions (until they’re all gone!) on how many packs you can take.


Pampers Premium Active Fit Nappy Pants size 4 and 5
Pampers Premium Active Fit Nappy Pants size 4 and 5

If you’d like some, and are able to get to our Sharehouse: to collect, then please:

  • email
  • giving your name
  • a contact number
  • size and quantity of packs you’d like (there are 2 pants per pack)
  • approximate times you’re able to collect

and we will get back to you.