Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham

For those of you who have been watching us grow over the months and years, we have something new and exciting to share with you: This week we opened the doors of our very own Sharehouse!

Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham
Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham

We’ve been very lucky over the past couple of years; a number of organisations have generously loaned us space free of charge, but we’ve just been getting bigger and bigger and none of those spaces on their own was big enough to accommodate us.

Tony busy with a paintbrush
Anthony busy with a paintbrush!

A lot of volunteer time was being spent ferrying items between the various locations, and it had reached the point where we needed our own premises in order to efficiently manage the huge volume of donated food and goods we intercept each week.

There’s still plenty of work to be done, but thanks to the amazing hard work of our volunteers, our freshly cleaned and painted Sharehouse is now ready for use!

So, what exactly is a Sharehouse?

We’ve run boutiques and market stalls for some time, but following in the footsteps of Leeds and Sheffield, we have now gone one step further and opened our very own Freegan Supermarket, stocked full of goods that we’ve diverted from landfill!

Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham
Sharehouse: Day 1!

Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-4pm, the Sharehouse is for anyone to come and browse and help us to #feedbelliesnotbins!

As usual, all perishable items are offered on a Pay As You Feel basis – that means you donate your time, cash, or skills in return; how you choose to contribute is entirely up to you.

Please take a look here at the many different ways you can get involved and support us!

Now we have the space we’re also able to offer non-perishable items, marked up at very reasonable prices. We have new stock coming in daily and throughout the day, so watch this space!

All we ask is that you please:

  • Respect our volunteers and each other
  • Food is for personal use
  • Only take what you need and leave what you don’t
  • 1 basket max per day
  • Any questions, just ask

Find out more here- Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham

Address: Unit 58, Western Business Park
Great Western Close
B18 4QF




5 thoughts on “Sharehouse: The Real Junk Food Project Birmingham

    1. Hi Carole, if you click on the map on the Sharehouse page (link above) then you’ll be able to see where the Sharehouse is in relation to tram and bus stops etc.


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